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Did you know that the industrial lasers market will reach $14.52 billion within the next five years?

Regardless of your intent, you might find applied laser technologies fascinating. This applies whether you’re an industrial business or a tech enthusiast. The good news is that new applications will appear this year.

Are you excited yet?

If so, read our guide on what to expect from laser technology this year. That way, you can expect what this technology offers. Read on and enrich your knowledge:

  1. New Software

When you research laser technologies, your first stop is most likely laser cutters. You might look into similar technologies to discover the available technology. However, you must dive deeper into other more important innovations.

Each year, new and improved software launches in the market. Some of these are better than others since their purpose is greater. This is where laser-related software shines the most.

With laser-related software, you have more means of controlling your devices. These methods are new and exciting. Lasers will have better capabilities and become a solution to many situations.

  1. Lesser Costs of EUV Structuring

The present-day’s chip manufacturers use a higher-end system for EUV lithography. However, many laser tech experts agree that this will change this year. It’s because smaller and medium-sized corporations can use EUV solutions soon.

This is possible because they predict that this technology will become more affordable. This is because technological progress helps to produce technology easier. With that, less costly alternatives will emerge, improving companies.

  1. Personalized Medicine

Many people in various walks of life believe that personalized medicine is the future. The reason is because of the emerging photonics technology. This year, lots of companies will likely invest in photonic processes.

This aids a lot in boosting personalized medicine. Take note; photonics is a new technology. However, many people already predict its usefulness in wellness and healthcare.

With photonics and laser technologies around, it could help in the pandemic. Lasers can give faster diagnoses and become more reliable at sterilizing. For research, this technology helps understand infections more.

It’s expected for the photonic sensors and detectors industry to reach $19.2 billion by the end of this year. It’s because of its value in biomedical applications.

  1. Light as a Power Supply

Some actuators and sensors can’t use power supply coming from copper cables. When this happens, new laser-based technologies are handy. It’s because a Power-by-Light system is the best alternative.

If you want something that pays off in the long run, consider investing in this system. You’ll likely get your desired results before long. While you’re at it, look at these optic products to find out more about them.

  1. Photonics for Energy Transition Process

No matter where you look, expect photonics to be the silent enabler. It’s because this technology is one of the keys to the push toward making more sustainable energy forms. After all, wind energy systems using wind farms can enable photovoltaic production.

Lots of experts believe this trend will grow in the future. However, they’re considering a few factors when it comes to new laser technology.

Regardless, this form of energy is something the human race is likely to steer into. It’s especially when we want to save our environment.

  1. Quantum Technology

In recent years, lots of funding engagements went into various quantum initiatives. One of them is quantum-encrypted smartphones. This technology is still in its juvenile stages, as seen with Samsung.

In May 2020, Samsung released the Galaxy A Quantum project. It has a QRNG or a quantum random number generator chipset. This comes from ID Quantique, their Switzerland-based subsidiary. Regardless, this only means that quantum technology is on the rise.

Again, photonics integration is at the center of this development. Innovators must integrate and miniaturize lots of components before creating a quantum phone. The good news is that many companies are willing to fund research on integrated photonics.

It’s because photonic component integration is necessary for server farm empowerment. This will contribute a lot to large data processing. It will become the driving force that will allow the human race to advance further.

  1. Optical Printed Circuit Board

Many experts are doing their best to move toward printed optical circuit boards. The effort is to replace the current technology within electronics with photonics.

This is an effort to save energy in data centers. At the same time, it speeds up their processing capabilities.

The light signals coming from fiber networks extend to various electronic components. These include racks, boards, and processors. It relates to quantum technology because it’s about using light pulses.

  1. Ultra-Short Laser Pulses

This new laser system was recently introduced to the market. It’s the USP or the ultra-short pulsed laser technology. It’s a type of solid-state laser using complex mechanics to make powerful pulses.

These pulses can be as short as a picosecond or even shorter. They can destroy almost any material within a very short duration, thanks to high density. It blows away the material before its heat dissipates.

With this, adjacent material won’t heat up. Most experts call this process cold ablation.

Regardless, the current limitation of USP lasers is their processing speed. At their current rate, they can only do ultra-precision or micro-processing functions. However, some projects are making them evolve.

Some will try to drive the source power to 20kW on average. Last year, application development for 10kW sources started in various application labs.

Learn More About Laser Technology Today!

These are some of the trends you must expect from laser technology this year and beyond. Whether it’s laser marking technologies or biomedical applications, this technology’s growth is undeniable.

Want to keep up with the latest laser technology? Check out our other blog posts and stay updated with the world’s innovations.


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